Leftism or Death

            Commenting on & analysing the recent spate of mass killings in the Jungle Mahal by the Maoists-Trinamool combine and their concerted effort to establish a reign of terror and anarchy throughout West Bengal, Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, the Chief Minister in a public meeting a few days ago uttered these three words, ‘Leftism or Death’. What does this remark mean? Did he meant to say to the public, ‘Support the Left or you will die’?  OR, he meant to say, ‘Despite all odds we cannot leave leftism; if ever we reach a point to do so under duress, we will better embrace death’? Every sane person will understand that Buddhadeb meant the latter. But our big bourgeoise press and part of the electronic media controlled by them made a hue & cry interpreting the speech as otherwise.

            Mr Jaydeb Basu in his Bengali article below explains beautifully the context and connotations of the CM’s speech. Please read on…


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One Response to “Leftism or Death”

  1. Ashok Chaudhury Says:

    Please enrich us with such articles in future too.

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