Chitthi Ayee Re…….the Letter has reached at last…….চিঠি এসেছে, চিঠি এসেছে……

            At last came that letter on Monday, the 27th of December, 2010 content of which was leaked willfully to national press on 24th to gain political mileage. This incident of publishing a communication addressed to a Chief Minister by a Minister of the Central Cabinet is unparalleled and devoid of all decorum & decency of the parliamentary democracy.

            On the other side of the story, CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharya replied to that infamous letter within 24 hours on 28th morning and did not disclose the contents to the curious press untill the addressee, the Union Home Minister in this case, receives it, showing courtesy and democratic decorum at its highest.

            Why there was such rumbles over this letter? Reason number one was mentioned earlier. Reason number two is, use of unparliamentary word like “Harmad” in that letter. Can a Central Minister in his official letter to a Chief Minister use such words? Do Mr Palanikkam Chidambaram know the actual meaning of that word? If not, then who taught him the meaning?

            In his sharp reaction, Mr Somnath Chatterjee, the erstwhile Speaker of the lower house of Indian Parliament, the LOKSABHA, raised the above questions and many more, saying that the Central Govt. has no constitutional right to write such letters to the Chief Ministers. Please read on what he said.


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