The Enigma called “400 Acres” which rocked West Bengal since 2007… হায়! সেই চারশ’ একর…


tata nano singur

The Tata Car Facory at Singur was 82% completed as on Sept 3, 2008

    9th June, 2011> TMC Govt. in West Bengal promulgated an ordinance to return 400 acres of land, which has been buzzword to Ms Mamata since 2007, to Singur farmers.

    10th June, 2011> After a LF delegation of MLAs under the leadership of Opposition leader Sri Suryakanta Mishra met the Governor to inform him that while the Legislative Assembly is in session, ordinance cannot be the way, the Governor intervened; and the fond ordinance went to hybernation. Govt. is now thinking of placing a bill in the Assembly.

    Hearing the news of returning 400 acres of land to its owners, the farmers of Singur who consented to the land acquisition of the govt. for setting up a car factory and who have already received compensation, put forth a question: Whom 243 acres of land will be returned, as the ‘unwilling’ peasants’  total land amount to only 157 acres.



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One Response to “The Enigma called “400 Acres” which rocked West Bengal since 2007… হায়! সেই চারশ’ একর…”


    Everyone, including the purchased so-called elite group & purchased media, knows what is what…but only money shows the power…..Mamata, misusing the Railway money i.e. public money, purchase Maoists to kill poor CPM villagers, compelled TATA to quit, burn the houses of CPM supporters and the most dreadful things…..using Central money power & with the help of Central Govt. & purchased media, shows the misdeeds of trinomul congress as the misdeeds of cpm party and forecasts through Bortoman, Protidin, Andabazar and so on as well as Star ananda, Kolkata TV and all purchased channels…

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