Who is Controlling Semi-fascist Mamata?



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3 Responses to “Who is Controlling Semi-fascist Mamata?”

  1. Ashok Chaudhury Says:

    Mamata Banerjee has left no stone unturned to please USA not only by placing order of railway equipments worth of Rs. fifty thousands and also in many otherways and hence,USA has backed her in the last assembly election and Foregn secy Mrs. Hillary assured her of all possible help when visited Kolkata last month to meet Mrs. Mamata in person ..

  2. asit guin Says:

    Commercial media and shushil samaj never bothered to compare Railway minister’s performance as rly minister and Buddhadev’s performance as CM, before the 2011 election. They wrongly portrayed her as Bengal’s opposition leader, which she was not. She was always union minister. During LF rule, union govt ministers caused law and order problem in singur, nandigram etc. Railway is put to ICU by her. Now they will put Bengal into ICU. People have to pay for their wrong choice (media-influenced) for 5 years. Becharam manna is one of the actors in the drama. Chit fund managers are new group of actors. Script writers are safe.

  3. P.Ch.Roy Says:

    Thanks Ashok & Asit for your valuable comments. Thanks for reading my blog.

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