Mamata Keen to Usurp the Rights of the Opposition


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2 Responses to “Mamata Keen to Usurp the Rights of the Opposition”

  1. krishna keshab roy Says:

    The comments setforth above are cent percent true and bonafide , majority people of Tripura unable to surmise the reasons as to why majority people of W.B voted in favour of T.M.C under the leadership of most ordinary and dirty lady. We used to believe ,Bengal people are more conscious and progressive than any of the States of the country then why such debacles /mournful ?
    solicted your kind views.

    With warm regards.


    • P.Ch.Roy Says:

      Dear KKRoy, the reasons behind CPI-M’s election debacle and Mamata’s coming to power in WB are manifold. The main reasons, in my opinion are, 1) CPI-M’s withdrawal of support from the UPA-1 govt angered Congress and they united with TMC to field one candidate in each constituency against CPIM, thus ensuring direct fight; 2) US imperialists joined hands with this alliance to rout leftists from the seat of power in WB, as they know that so long CPIM will remain strong, they will not be able to capture indian market for exploitation (FDI, etc.); 3) The big press & electronic media helped these forces in a big way spreading canards and concocted stories against the left govt. But this alone was not sufficient for capturing the red citadel. Here comes reason no. 4) The left themselves are responsible to some extent for their downfall. There were sharp difference of opinion after that Nandigram firing among the left partners. There were some decay in leadership in both the party (CPI-M) and in administration. Mainly the Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s leadership (as CM) was lacking in authority in dealing with the opposition post-Nandigram firing. People were saying, “Is there any Govt.”. The opposition was doing whatever it liked. It was directing police officers for their benefit. The absence of Jyoti Basu in Govt. and Anil Biswas in the Party were felt very much. The vacuum created by their absence were never fulfilled. Reason no. 5) Thirty-four years power made the party more bureaucratic than pro-people. A large section of the party was alienated from the poor people who were their mainstay. In short these are some of the reasons for party’s defeat at the hands of Cong-TMC-Big Media-US money power-Biddatjan combined.

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